Pet Services

Looking for veterinary services in Jackson?

Jackson Veterinary Hospital offers a wide range of veterinary services for pets in the following areas:

  • Pet wellness and vaccination programs to prevent illnesses
  • Animal medical services for diagnosing and treating health conditions
  • Pet surgery including spay and neuter
  • Pet dental cleanings and treatment to avoid serious dental diseases
  • And many more

If you’re ready to see our expert veterinary team in Jackson, call Jackson Veterinary Hospital today at 732-363-0809 or make an appointment now. We offer (for a fee) Nail trims, ear cleaning, sanitary clips, apply medications, give SubQ fluids

Puppy Package Program

Receive up to 25% off puppy vaccines by participating in our packaged programs.  Each puppy package will be tailored to meet your puppy’s individual needs!

You can receive 20% off the puppy series (a $95.00 value) by making 3 payments of $128.66 each time you come.


You can receive 25% off the puppy series (a $118.50 value) by making one full payment of $362.60 during your initial visit.

  • 3 Physical Exams
  • 1 Fecal/Giardia Test
  • 1 Rabies Vaccine (1 year)
  • 1 Distemper Vaccine
  • Leptospirosis (lifestyle dependent)
  • Bordetella (lifestyle dependent)
  • 1 Bottle of Pyran (dewormer)
  • 3 Doses of Heartworm prevention of your selected choice
  • 3 Doses of Flea/ Tick prevention of your selected choice

* A Lyme vaccine is available for those puppies at higher risk at an additional fee

* Please note, each puppy may have different requirements for vaccinations, which is why we tailor a custom program just for your puppy’s needs.

* Cannot be combined with police/ military discount

Dental Care Special

For a routine cleaning for your dog or cat which includes pre-operative bloodwork!